Sullivan University

Client Objective:  Promote Sullivan University's IT Curriculum and Placement Programs

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Promote Awareness of Sullivan University’s IT Curriculum and Placement Programs. A key advantage of Sullivan University’s IT Academy is that it follows each student’s individual progress, from initial enrollment at the University though helping him or her with initial job placement in the information technology workforce after graduation. Sullivan needed to get the word out about this focus on job placement (as well as academics) to prospective students.

The Solution:  Local Broadcast Television Commercial Testimonials

Sullivan Commercial Screeen Shot - Alternate to Flash Content

Edited video, ready for local television broadcast, showcasing Sullivan University IT alumni now working in their chosen IT fields in today’s information technology workforce. This testimonial-based approach created a powerful marketing and prospective student education tool for television and online broadcast. The videos were shot ‘on location’ at alumni workplaces, including the Mohammed Ali Center and Cardiovascular Associates of Louisville.
* Project courtesy of Michelle Polk and Mark Crowner.

The Results:

Sullivan University is Kentucky’s largest private college or university. Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services is now the second most popular field of study and Management Information Systems is now the fifth most popular field of study.