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Client Objective:  Demonstrate The Use of Medical Products & Answer Pre-Sales Questions

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Typically, surgical protocol for a procedure has been demonstrated by the use of videotape and hands-on training. Videotape of surgery can sometimes make it difficult to see what is actually going on at the site of the procedure due to an obscured view. Hands-on training doesn't allow for a quick review to see if a particular procedure will be applicable to a patient's condition.
KMI needed an educational tool to go with their surgical tool kits and implants that would facilitate the hands on process as well as a marketing piece to help answer pre-sales questions.

The Solution:  Advanced 3D Anatomical Animation and Narration

KMI Medical Animation - Alternate to Flash Content

With the use of advanced 3D anatomical modeling and animation, I was able to accurately show in great detail the procedure with no obstruction of view. I animated 3 procedures, Universal 2 Wrist Implant System, Spider and Mini Spider Plate Wrist Fusion, and Kompressor Screw Small Bone Repair. The animations were delivered on DVD, CD-ROM, and web for easy access.

The Results:  An Effective Education and Sales Tool

The animations provided a detailed understanding of exactly what the surgical procedures would accomplish. This proved to be a great way for the surgeons to acquire the information necessary to perform the procedure. This also proved to be a great pre-sales marketing tool. The positive response from sales and surgeons confirmed the multitasking tools success.

An Effective Education and Sales Tool