Cell Health

Client Objective:  New Product Launch (Work in Progress)

Cell Health Logo and Tag

According to the Natural Products Association, the US Nutrition industry’s combined sales now top $100 Billion. Launching a new product in the already crowded, $25 Billion dietary supplement market is a tremendous challenge. Cell Health™ is a unique new product, with no competition in its category. Now it needs distinctive branding to build consumer interest and reach its sales goals.

The Solution:

Cell Health Packaging - Alternate to Flash Content

A complete product branding suite, including product packaging, a directions and information booklet insert, matching POS (point of sale) displays, and other marketing collateral. The eye-catching product imagery and compelling product descriptions across these platforms all work together to drive quick consumer acceptance and generate consumer excitement, by showcasing and explaining the product's benefits and the science behind them in simple, concise and compelling images and terms.

The Results:

Cell Health™ is working with GNC stores towards its official sales launch.