Goals and Deliverables:  Website Redesign / Reorganization, SEO Optimization, Online Marketing

  • Website Redesign, Reorganization, SEO Optimization

  • Promote their growing wireless market.

  • Fine tune their value proposition. Simplicity, Service, Savings

  • Create an Agent Opportunities Campaign

  • Integrate "Pardot" Demand Generation, Marketing Automation, and Lead Nurturing System

  • Set-up product Info - lead capture campaigns

Deliverables:  Redesigned, Reorganized Website with CMS, SEO, and Marketing Automation Integration

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The new site showcases all areas of products and service on the home page with links directly to their respective product and service explanation pages helping direct customers quickly to their area of interest. The "Request a Quote" button and "Request a Consultation", provided on every page, provides a constant call to action increasing the chances that a person seeking information at any point in the site will commit.

Lightyear's relatively new wireless division is now more prominently promoted with quick access to online wireless phone sales, and service activation.