Beading To Beat Autism

Client Objective:  Raise: Awareness of Autism, and Funding for a Research/Treatment Center

Michala, a 13 year old from Jeffersontown, KY and her family have taken on the monumental task of bringing Autism awareness to even greater levels, and build the most comprehensive Autism Research and Treatment Center in the world. The price tag- $300 Million dollars!
How do you do that you ask? With a lot of effort, love and Bracelets!

The Solution:  Phase 1 – Online Presence with Donations for Bracelets and Social Media Campaign

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Tough economic times make asking for charitable donations twice as tough. Trading Bracelets for Donations online, and building a social community around this cause is a good place to start and essential to gaining support. Getting community involvement will help gain momentum for the cause, and help spread "the word."

The site works like an ecommerce site with the exception that it is collecting donations instead of profits. The "Become a Peep"(Member) and the Join the Challenge forms are tied to a database, emailing and tracking service to facilitate a nurturing email campaign.

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The Results:

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Stay Tuned... Come back to see the results.