Pro OnCall

Goals and Deliverables:  

Pro OnCall Graphic and Logo
  • Prioritize and Redefine Pro OnCall's Product Offering.
    • Question: How to bring more attention to Pro OnCall's Services, and Telecom / Networking Solutions particularly.
    • Deliverable: Copy rewrite and re-design of the web site that clearly focuses attention to the desired services.
  • Redefine their value proposition.
    • Question: What makes Pro OnCall unique to its customers?
    • Deliverable: New Pro OnCall Customer Centric Messaging. Refine Case Study - Testimony
  • Improve Website Usability, Updatability and SEO
    • Deliverable: Improve site's overall organization.
    • Deliverable: Customized CMS for Easy Updates.
    • Deliverable: Page Specific SEO Friendly Site Content and Code.

Deliverables:  New Redesigned, Reorganized Website, Content Management System, and SEO Setup

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The primary goals besides the usual usability, navigation, and SEO improvements were to focus more attention on the two areas of service: Telecom and Network Solutions, Managed IT Support Services, and reorganize their offering in terms of their priority of service.

A new Home Page design with rotating service promotions that drive traffic to detailed service descriptions has improved traffic to the services pages. Testimony was added to the Home page and Case Study pages as well, nothing sells better than a word or two from happy customers.